Written by Win Belanger in the Press-Republican on July 22, 2020

TO THE EDITOR: Perhaps the lady, Kathie Labombard, whose letter appeared in the July 16 edition of the Press Republican didn’t read the article in their July 13 edition or doesn’t have Facebook.

Had she read about the Back the Blue gathering she speaks of, she would know that a Mr. Randy Tedford, a former correction officer, was the sole organizer and did the inviting. Had she seen Facebook comments and postings you would see Elise Stefanik wearing a mask at all times, except when speaking.

When you’re invited, you don’t invite or bring whomever you want unless specifically told to do so. If you knew of the gathering would you have gone to Back the Blue, or attended to protest a political foe? All too often our best intentions are thwarted by those that must try to undo another’s belief.

Hence invites are extended to those that believe in the true meaning of the gathering. An organizer wants only to put a point across, gather respect and draw attention to the topic at hand. Those not supporting that topic and looking to demeanor the project or a particular attendee should stay home or organize their opposition and hope they are respected as well.

Congresswoman Stefanik represents everyone and always has. She will continue to do so after November because she is the best one for the job.



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