Written for the Watertown Daily Times on July 9, 2020

Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-Schuylerville, has been endorsed by over 100 elected officials from St. Lawrence County.

In a news release sent on Thursday morning, Ms. Stefanik announced that 106 local elected officials from around St. Lawrence County, including Republicans, Democrats and independents, have voiced their support for her reelection campaign for the NY-21 House seat. At least one elected official from every town in the county endorsed the congresswoman.

The endorsements come from all levels of county and local government, including seven of St. Lawrence County’s 15 legislators, town supervisors from 13 towns, three city or village mayors, and various town council members and highway superintendents. A majority of the endorsements come from Republicans.

“I am honored to with these St. Lawrence County leaders on so many bipartisan results for the county, and I’m honored to earn each of these endorsements for my re-election campaign,” Ms. Stefanik wrote.

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