Written by Avery Bower in the Press-Republican on July 6, 2020

TO THE EDITOR: Elise Stefanik brings home the bacon.

As a member of the House Armed Services Committee, Elise Stefanik cares profoundly for our armed forces. She’s fought hard to make sure all military families are taken care of. This year’s National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) brought big wins for families at Fort Drum and the surrounding businesses.

Stefanik successfully championed Fort Drum as the preferred military base for an East Coast missile defense network. She’s promised that this will bring in thousands of jobs and millions of dollars into the surrounding community and I have faith she will deliver. Especially in the uncertain times we face, the thought of good stable defense jobs for the coming years is deeply reassuring.

She also has done more to make sure the health of our service members and families is of utmost importance. The NDAA increases access to mental healthcare for soldiers, something often overlooked. For those with children, she fought for funding so students can go to schools in the community. Since Fort Drum does not have a school on post, this is a huge win for teachers and students in Jefferson County.

When the NDAA passes Congress this month, Elise Stefanik will have proven she can bring home the bacon. Not only will we continue to have a strong national defense that prepares us to combat Russian and Chinese aggression, we will also have a thriving economy around Fort Drum that takes care of our service members.



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