Written by Bruce Hanley in the Press-Republican on June 29, 2020

TO THE EDITOR: Elise Stefanik has become a young leader in the Republican Party.

Since becoming the youngest Republican woman in Congress, she has had a meteoric rise in Congress. She has led the campaign arm of the party and has worked hard to advance Republican interests across the country. We are very lucky to have as effective a congresswoman as we do.

Way back last fall, Elise Stefanik made a national name for herself by defending the president during the unjust impeachment hearings. He showered her with praise, calling her a “new Republican star” and declared that she was “killing them, Elise.”

Just last week, she was there on the ground in President Donald Trump’s return to campaign rallies in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She was there representing New York Republicans and making sure our voice was heard. She has been a loyal supporter of the president and she has fought for him at every turn. It was a tremendous honor to be there at his first rally and she gave it her all; defending him against the mainstream media and Democrats that wanted to score cheap points.

She has the respect of the president and, because of that, she also has his ear. Now, when people think of New York Republicans, they think of Elise Stefanik. This gives us a powerful voice because when they turn to guidance, they go to our values.

If you want not just a voice in Congress but a voice in the Republican party, you should vote for Elise who has a great future full of leadership.

Bruce Hanley


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