Written by Brandon Scott in the Watertown Daily Times

Nobody can deny that these are some of the most challenging times that American’s have faced. In less than a year we have witnessed our country basically shut down due to a virus, sent ablaze by rioters, and have seen our small businesses either looted or abandoned by our governor. When faced with this amount of difficulty in our lives, we need to choose to follow our politicians that do not back down from challenges, we need to support U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik.

Elise has always served the north country proudly and with the utmost amount of class. She has never backed down from a challenge as seen recently when she has stood strong for our north country seniors who were subjected to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s mishandling of nursing homes. She has also been vocal about the abysmal reopening process that Gov. Cuomo has dictated through us.

Elise has always stood up for what is right and continues to uphold the values of the north country. She has my vote in November, and I hope she has yours too.

Brandon Scott


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