June 25, 2020

Saratoga, NY: Yesterday, Senate Democrats, including New York Senators Schumer and Gillibrand, voted to block debate on the JUSTICE Act – a law enforcement reform bill with bipartisan provisions for police reforming. Congresswoman Elise Stefanik is a cosponsor of the House companion bill to the JUSTICE Act.

“Taxin’ Tedra Cobb – who was endorsed by Gillibrand and is supported by Schumer and Pelosi – has three very important questions to answer for voters in NY’s 21st District,” said Stefanik.

“First, she needs to be honest with voters that she agrees with Senate Democrats’ decision to block debate on a critical police reform bill that would improve police-community relations, increase transparency and accountability in police forces, and end police brutality.

“Second, will she condemn Speaker Pelosi’s disgusting comment that ‘Republicans are trying to get away with George Floyd’s murder’? Or will she stay silent? Voters know Taxin’ Tedra is a Pelosi puppet, so we already know she supports Speaker Pelosi’s disgraceful comment.

“And third – will she finally tell voters if she would vote for Pelosi for Speaker of the House? This is an incredibly basic question that every Congressional candidate across the country has to answer, yet the media has let Taxin’ Tedra escape answering this critical question for two election cycles in a row. I have answered this question every single election going back to my 2014 primary, and it’s a shame my opponent is not held to the same standard.”

We’ll wait, but we know how difficult it is for Taxin’ Tedra to respond and be honest with the voters of our district: