Written by Kyle Midura for WCAX on June 22, 2020

WASHINGTON (WCAX) The general election battle in the race to represent New York’s 21st district in Washington is already set, even before voters head to the polls Tuesday.

Our Washington Correspondent Kyle Midura has a preview of this year’s matchup, which is a rematch from 2018.

Neither incumbent Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik nor her Democratic Challenger Tedra Cobb had any competition in the primary, so they won’t even be on the ballot Tuesday.

Stefanik is closing out her third term representing the North Country and Adirondacks. She has run as someone who can work across the aisle and has been ranked as among the most bipartisan by independent observers.

But, politically speaking, she’s fully embraced the president over the last couple of years. She just attended his campaign rally in Oklahoma last weekend, she’s a co-chair of his New York re-election campaign and she received national media attention defending him during the House impeachment proceedings.

Her challenger Tedra Cobb lost by 14 points in 2018.

Cobb has seen a substantial gain in fundraising since Stefanik has gotten closer to the president. She’s a county legislator with a platform that puts her just about in the middle of the Democratic political spectrum on issues like immigration reform, campaign finance and health care reform.

While the money game has gotten tighter, national election prediction experts rate this race as an all but guaranteed win for Stefanik and the Republicans.

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