Written by Phil Wallace in the Press-Republican

TO THE EDITOR: The blatant statements made by Tedra Cobb are disturbing. It is mind-boggling that an individual is so desperate to gain endorsements that she is consciously creating statements just to unsuccessfully attack the character and integrity of Elise Stefanik, an individual that is actually utilizing her platform to make our communities a safer and more inclusive place to live.

My question, however, is what exactly has Tedra Cobb done to implement change for the betterment of our communities? Nothing. Because as shown by her incredibly egregious endorsement of violent rioters and anarchists and her attack on Elise, Tedra is uninterested and incapable of making sound, effective, and practical decisions to ensure the safety of the men and women in our communities.

Tedra is more interested in pleasing Hollywood radicals than supporting the individuals in our community who need support from our leaders right now. She would rather see more people, especially our men and women in uniform, be harmed and for our cities to burn than to create a safer and more inclusive community for all.

That is why I will be voting for Elise Stefanik this November. Her leadership and sound decision making are a leading force throughout these difficult times. Elise has proven that she is willing to take any necessary steps to protect the lives of all American citizens while also promoting peace and unity throughout our communities. Unlike Tedra Cobb, Elise doesn’t have to make herself seem like she cares about the people in the community.

Instead, Elise acts with integrity in order to promote the well-being and safety of all individuals in our communities. Elise Stefanik is a leader that will make our community a better place.



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