Written in North Country Now on June 10, 2020

This is a trying and difficult time for many of us, and it is a time when exercising our right to vote has never been more critical, the Republican primary election on June 23 for St. Lawrence County court judge is no exception.

There is only one Republican on the ballot on June 23, and that’s Greg Storie. His opponent is a Democrat who is using NY’s arcane ballot laws to try to take the Republican line away from us.

Greg has real and relevant experience with strong North Country and family values. He has practiced both criminal and family law in St. Lawrence County for 13 years with a successful trial record and was previously elected as Canton Village Justice. Most importantly, Greg is also a steadfast conservative and a strong, public supporter of the Second Amendment — he always has been.

St. Lawrence County deserves a Court Judge truly of the people, with integrity, whose positions and stances are consistent and transparent. Greg will interpret the law, not legislate it. He will also uphold our Second Amendment rights by ensuring that our pistol permit process is fair and just. We must take care to evaluate the sincerity of our candidates for local office when discussing their promises to protect our rights.

Yet time and time again, we see that the Cuomo clones from the left will do and say whatever it takes to convince voters they weren’t in favor of taking away our fundamental rights. Even my own opponent was famously exposed when making remarks behind closed doors on her support for a gun ban.

We need someone like Greg standing up for the people of St. Lawrence County to protect our constitutional rights.

If you’re a St. Lawrence County Republican, please join me in supporting Greg Storie for St. Lawrence County Court Judge on June 23!

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik

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