Written by Riley Sartwell in the Press-Republican

TO THE EDITOR: Cheers to Congresswoman Elise Stefanik and the group of bipartisan legislators in the House and Senate who cosponsored the State and Municipal Assistance for Recovery and Transition (SMART) Fund.

This fund provides $500 billion dollars to state, municipal and tribal governments. The closure of businesses have decreased government tax revenue while spending has increased with unexpected expenses related to combating COVID-19.

This is the perfect, bipartisan alternative, that can replace the $3 trillion stimulus bill that Nancy Pelosi tried to push through. Pelosi’s bill would have pushed federal takeover of elections, provided aid to sanctuary cities, and released prisoners.

The SMART fund funding can be used to ensure governments provide the essential services we rely upon. Thank you, Elise, and all the members that are leading the charge. During this time, it is great to see bi-partisan cooperation that focuses on addressing the issues and doesn’t pack legislation with political agenda.



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