June 4, 2020

Glens Falls: If you are covering Tedra Cobb and Bill Owens’ factually inaccurate attack on Congresswoman Stefanik, note that that Bill Owens was extremely unenthusiastic on Cobb’s candidacy in 2018, saying he did not think she could win and would not campaign for her.

Watertown Daily Times, 2018: “But in the interview, Owens said he thought Democrat Tedra Cobb was unlikely to win against Stefanik and he did not expect to campaign for her. ‘That may have sounded more negative than I intended,’ Owens told the Times on Tuesday.”

My Champlain Valley, 2018: “She would need to do substantial fundraising and get up on air as soon as possible and stay on air from now until election day. I think if she’s unable to do that then I think she’s going to have a very difficult road,” said Owens.

WCAX, 2018: Owens: Democratic primary could be a tough choice for voters

“Bill Owens’ sudden reversal on Taxin’ Tedra Cobb’s candidacy shows voters one thing and one thing only: her campaign is floundering and desperate for a lifeline,” said the Stefanik campaign. “While Tedra Cobb stands against the National Guard and law enforcement, Congresswoman Stefanik stands with North Country voters in their support of those who are protecting our communities from riots and anarchists during this turbulent time for our country.”