Written by Reagan McCarthy for Townhall on June 2, 2020

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R-NY) joined the bipartisan condemnation of the death of George Floyd, a senseless tragedy that has stirred a national conversation on race relations and police brutality. Republicans in both chambers of Congress, and President Trump, have all spoken out against Floyd’s death and called for a thorough investigation by the Department of Justice. Rep. Stefanik called for the prosecution of the police officers responsible for Floyd’s death “to the absolute fullest extent.”

Rep. Stefanik’s Democratic challenger had vile words for the New York Republican after President Trump suggested employing the military in order to suppress the rioting, looting and vandalism that is occurring in cities nationwide.

Cobb claimed that using military force would be unconstitutional, but this power is delegated to the president via the Insurrection Act. Besides her incorrect claim, Cobb’s rhetoric is especially egregious. Rep. Stefanik denounced Floyd’s death and the police brutality behind it, while also standing with peaceful protesters who “have an important message to share that we as Americans need to listen to.” 

“Congresswoman Stefanik will continue her bipartisan and unifying leadership on behalf of the North Country, which is in stark contrast to her opponent who issued a tweet that is so repulsive, it’s not even fit to print. As Congresswoman Stefanik calls for unity and working together as fellow Americans for justice and accountability for George Floyd’s killers and urges us to work constructively to root out any form of racism, her opponent issues a vile, divisive, and disgusting tweet that North Country voters will overwhelmingly reject this November. Congresswoman Stefanik supports the Constitutional right to peaceful protest and has been listening to input from local community leaders and law enforcement to ensure we continue to strengthen and improve our community fabric and dialogue in the region,” Rep. Stefanik’s campaign communications director, Maddie Anderson, told Townhall. “She does not support the rioting, anarchy, looting, destruction of private property, and violence that has already cost so many innocent lives across the country. She agrees with George Floyd’s family that this destruction debases the memory of George Floyd. Congresswoman Stefanik supports the rule of law and the service of the National Guard sent to communities that have been burnt and destroyed across the nation to ensure the safety and security of all.”

Cobb’s rhetoric, in an attempt to score political points, is in poor taste, to say the least. The condemnation of the death of George Floyd is bipartisan, rightfully. Cobb should follow the lead of Rep. Stefanik by reaching across the aisle, rather than using a senseless tragedy for political gain.

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