Saratoga, NY: Congresswoman Elise Stefanik is calling on her opponent Taxin’ Tedra Cobb to say whether or not she would have voted for Speaker Pelosi’s $3 trillion partisan wish list to fund sanctuary cities, let violent criminals and illegal immigrants out of prison, and ensure a federal government takeover of state and local elections.

“I am ranked in the top 5% most bipartisan Members of Congress and am continuing to work to deliver bipartisan results to our district during the COVID-19 crisis. I supported the bipartisan CARES Act which provided over $9 billion to New York State. I also delivered over $100 million to North Country hospitals in direct federal funds. I am working with the entire New York Congressional Delegation to deliver additional direct federal support to counties and municipalities across the North Country with a particular focus on rural regions. Today’s vote will include many Democrats voting in opposition to this partisan $3 trillion package that included Pelosi’s wish list of funding sanctuary cities and releasing prisoners. Taxin’ Tedra Cobb needs to immediately tell voters if she would have voted for Pelosi’s partisan bill negotiated and written behind closed doors,” said Stefanik. “North Country voters need to know where Cobb stands on this offensive partisan wish list. Our campaign will ensure that voters know that Taxin’ Tedra supports this bill, embracing radical socialist policies that would cause lawlessness and put the safety of our communities at risk.

“I am calling on Taxin’ Tedra Cobb to immediately tell voters the truth, instead of hiding her positions and lying about them outright like she usually does on guns, trade, impeachment, and more. She still won’t say who she supports for President, or if she would vote for Pelosi as Speaker. Why? Because as she said herself, she knows she can’t be honest about her positions because she knows she won’t win. And yet the media refuses to ask her these basic questions that I have answered in every single election.”