Written by Scott Niles in the Watertown Daily Times

U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik’s preparedness and ability to handle this global health crisis is the type of leadership we deserve in NY-21.

Not only is Rep. Stefanik flooding our local news outlets with information and resources for our region, she also is offering her time to talk to individuals in need. With Rep. Stefanik’s track record of supporting the ideals of north country values, I’m convinced she is the best leader available.

As she prioritizes what is right for our district, I am reminded of her devotion and commitment to the north country and the residents of NY-21. She truly sets the example and maintains a distinct level of integrity in every action she takes.

In addition to tuning in to my local affiliates, I also find Rep. Stefanik’s frequent tele-town halls to be a reliable source of information and a great way to find out her opinion on the COVID-19 crisis. Including both local and national announcements, our congresswoman is able to provide a unique balance tailored comprehensively to our way of life.

I am so proud of her support of the stimulus package, which will undoubtedly secure the backbone of our local economy and relieve the stress put on so many during this terrible time. I applaud her effort to be everywhere at once, and I will be voting for her come November.

Scott Niles


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