Written by Keegan Post in the Watertown Daily Times

The novel coronavirus has taken the life of too many Americans and has impacted the entire country. During this trying time, we need a representative who will make effective decisions that puts the safety and interests of Americans first. U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik is working for a solution that will end the madness inflicting our society.

Not only is Elise Stefanik using her platform to inform her constituents about the resources available to help keep them safe and healthy from the coronavirus, she is committed to holding China accountable for its actions that have led to the death of thousands of people. In fact, Elise has introduced a resolution that calls for China to provide compensation for all the destruction and loss that its outrageous cover-up has caused the world. Her determination to hold China accountable for its deadly actions shows Elise’s commitment to putting her constituents and her country above any self-interest.

These past few months have been uncertain. During these alarming times, we need someone in Congress advocating for the best interests of this community and country. Elise Stefanik is the person for this job.

Her dedication to our community guides her every decision and action in Congress, even if it means standing up to the bully country of China. That is why we should vote for Elise Stefanik again because we can trust her to make efficient and effective decisions as she has shown amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

Keegan Post


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