Glens Falls: In the face of a critical health crisis, Team Elise is 100% focused on the public health of New York’s 21st Congressional District. We are committed to doing our part and leading by example to flatten the curve. Because of the early incredible work of our volunteers and staff, we were one of the first campaigns in the state to qualify for the ballot. Today, the campaign submitted petition signatures to qualify for the Republican, Conservative, and Independence lines on the November ballot.

“I am beyond grateful to the more than 400 grassroots volunteers whose early efforts allowed the campaign to qualify for the Republican, Conservative, and Independence Party ballot lines this November. More importantly, the campaign was able to put the safety and health of its volunteers and constituents first by suspending all door-knocking efforts 4 days ahead of the already 2 weeks early Tuesday deadline from New York State.”

Unprecedented enthusiasm and organization from day one yielded record numbers in record time. As soon as the Governor gave notice of the shortened petitioning period, the Stefanik campaign responded immediately by getting volunteers home safe and centering the organization’s efforts on the shared goal of flattening the viral curve with the roll out of Elise Stefanik’s Protect our Seniors campaign.

“I’m deeply grateful to the hundreds of volunteers who collected an overwhelming amount of signatures reflecting the strong grassroots support that remains behind us – with health and safety of primary concern, however, I am relieved that our preparedness allowed us to immediately suspend operations and encourage everyone to stay home,” said Congresswoman Stefanik.

“Elise’s impressive filing makes clear that North Country Conservatives are solidly behind her,” said Hank Ford, Regional Vice-Chair of the Conservative Party of New York and St. Lawrence County Conservative Chairman. “More critically, the strength of her operation is evident in her ability to be among the first to suspend all door knocking on her campaign’s behalf.”

“Strong numbers and a stronger safety response reflect the clear Republican leadership role that Elise has earned – to achieve this in such a short time and amid such uncertainty shows strength and commitment among North Country Republicans that rivals any previous cycle I’ve seen,” said John Gereau, Regional Vice-Chair of the New York State Republican Party for the North Country.

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