Glens Falls: One of Taxin’ Tedra Cobb’s top online bundlers who helped her raise $1 million off of calling Congresswoman Elise Stefanik “trash” and other attacks has a sharp message for NY-21 Republicans: you deserve to get Coronavirus.

Tedra Cobb supporter and bundler Adam Parkhomeko started his message by saying “Dear Conservatives”. He goes on to say that the CPAC attendee who has tested positive for the virus brought it on himself by being a conservative. See the vile tweet here.

Coronavirus is a serious public health crisis and Congresswoman Stefanik is working with federal and local public health agencies to provide the necessary resources and most up to date information for her constituents.

As the North Country knows, Taxin’ Tedra is a hypocrite who condemns nasty language but accepts millions raised off of online attacks such as #TrashyStefanik. And now, one of her top online bundlers has sunk to a new low, saying conservatives who attended CPAC deserved Coronavirus. Has Taxin’ Tedra condemned this vile threat? Nope. Will she return the money her campaign raised with the help of this sick individual? We’re waiting…