Glens Falls: Following two separate columns from Post Star News Editor Ken Kingley accusing Congresswoman Stefanik of cheering on violence against the press, Stefanik issued the below statement:

“Four months ago, I unequivocally condemned violence against the press at a community event in Hudson Falls. The Post Star News Editor, Ken Tingley, was in attendance during this statement,” said Congresswoman Stefanik. “Unfortunately, Ken Tingley’s column today ends with a dangerous allusion to gun violence and has no place on the pages of a serious community newspaper. He likens a typical campaign fundraising appeal describing Democrat attacks on President Trump supporters by saying he wasn’t sure if I would be buying campaign ads or bullets. This call to gun violence is shameful, untrue, and dangerous.

“This news editor is well aware of the impact of his words, and it is completely unacceptable. Over the weekend, the same editor published a column accusing me of cheering on violence against the press and of refusing to condemn such violence. This editor knows very well I have unequivocally and strongly condemned threats of violence of any kind, specifically against journalists. We can all respectfully and passionately disagree on policies, but allusions to threats of violence – as Tingley does today – have no place in our community discussions or in print. Readers of our community papers deserve better, and Tingley should apologize for this unacceptable error in judgment.”

Watch video of Congresswoman Stefanik condemning violence and threats against the press here.