– Taxin’ Tedra Cobb’s WFP Now Demanding Candidates “Stop Defending Taxpayers”

Glens Falls: A bombshell report byPoliticotoday forced an immediate question for Democrat and 2018 Working Families Party nominee, Tedra Cobb, after the publication exposed a new questionnaire from New York’s Working Families Party demanding that candidates avoid “talking about taxpayers and taxes.”

From today’s Politico on Tedra Cobb’s Working Families Party questionnaire:

“In essence, the party asks would-be candidates if they are willing to stop talking about taxpayers and taxes.”

“’Messages that frame ‘taxpayers’ as an aggrieved or marginalized group promotes an anti-tax, anti-government worldview that is often used to justify disinvestment and austerity policies,’ the question reads, according to a copy of the document obtained by POLITICO.

“’Taxpayer’ has also become a raciallycoded term designed to appeal to white individuals and reinforce the misconception that they are paying taxes to support the needs of people (often implied to be non-white) who don’t pay taxes.Will you avoid messaging that centers ‘taxpayers’ or ‘tax burdens’ and instead talk about ‘public funding’ and the public as a whole?”

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik Tweet Today:

“This makes sense for Tax, Tax, Tax, #TaxinTedra!

She was the #NY21 nominee for the Far-Left Working Families Party that now demands candidates stop defending taxpayers. Can’t wait until she gleefully accepts their nomination! #WeCantWaitFor2020