Glens Falls:Congresswoman Elise Stefanik’s reelection campaign today released the following statement on Democratic Resistance candidate Tedra Cobb’s eleventh hour announcement to side with the far-left Hollywood Resistance over North Country voters to support the impeachmentof President Donald Trump.

“At the eleventh hour and after months of dodging the media and every voter across the North Country, Resistance liberal Tedra Cobb ceded to pressure from her far-left Hollywood donors pouring millions into her campaign to support impeaching our President.”

On issue after issue, Taxin’ Tedra Cobb has reluctantly admitted to voters she either holds two separate positions, or none at all. Taxin’ Tedra was secretly caught in her own words supporting a gun ban, then denied it. On her signature issue of health care, Taxin’ Tedra is on the record campaigning on Medicare for All, and is now under fire from Democrats for attempting to walk away from that position, and for supporting Speaker Pelosi’s 95% tax on lifesaving cures for all Americans. During televised debates last fall, Taxin’ Tedra announced opposition to a vital new economic trade agreement with Canada, USMCA.

Frustrated Democrats and local media have long noted Taxin’ Tedra Cobb’s failure to be honest with voters about where she stands, only to admit her positions run contrary to the will of North Country voters. In 2020, The Stefanik campaign looks forward to running – and to winning – on Congresswoman Stefanik’s campaign record of delivering real bipartisan results against Taxin’ Tedra’s record of Far-Left Resistance.”