Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Appointed to Anti-Corruption Committee and Supported By Gov. Cuomo, Tedra Cobb Won’t Own Up to Legislative Record of Violating NY Open Records Law

– Cuomo-Clone Cobb Won’t Disclose Vote on Illegal Meeting as County Legislator –

Glens Falls: Embattled Democrat and former St. Lawrence County legislator Tedra Cobb, who recently accepted the maximum allowable campaign contribution of $2,700 from Governor Andrew Cuomo, is a former appointee to the Governor’s New York State Committee on Open Government.

Last week, Cobb admitted to participating as a county legislator in an illegal meeting that violated the state’s Open Meetings Law, the very law her Committee was formed to protect.

But despite the Democrat’s appointment to the Governor’s anti-corruption committee and repeated campaign claims supporting open, transparent government, Cobb is now refusing to disclose to voters whether or not she voted in favor of that illegal meeting:

“Ms. Cobb declined, through a spokesperson, to answer whether or not she voted to enter the executive session.”

“The minutes do not indicate how Cobb voted…Cobb declined to discuss details of the closed door meeting…”

Tedra Cobb’s repeated refusal to tell voters whether she voted in favor of this illegal, closed-door government meeting proves she’s just another Cuomo-Clone.

In contrast, Congresswoman Stefanik sets the standard for transparency in Congress by voluntarily publishing her official meetings on her website, posting every legislative vote on Facebook and publicly releasing her tax returns.

Tedra Cobb also refuses to tell voters who she will vote for in the Governor’s race this November. Will she vote for one of her biggest donors Andrew Cuomo?

Congresswoman Stefanik has publicly endorsed and will be voting for Marc Molinaro for Governor.


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