August 3, 2018

To the Editor:

On May 15, I met with Joel Wood for Congresswoman Elise Stefanik about bill H.R. 2946, the repeal of federal excise tax on the sale of new trucks.

We reviewed why the current 12 percent FET is hurting the business owners and the sale of new trucks, as well as how it is not encouraging truck owners to move to purchase new cleaner burning and safer trucks.

After our meeting, Joel toured our dealership and met some of our employees.

Joel called me to let me know he had reviewed the information I had given him, along with all the notes of our meeting, with Congresswoman Stefanik, and he was happy to report that the congresswoman has agreed to sign on as a cosponsor.

As of July 19, there are 22 bipartisan cosponsors for this important bill.

We would like to thank Congresswoman Stefanik for her forward thinking to help truck owners and dealers as well as helping to promote cleaner and safer trucks on our highways.

Congress should replace the FET with a more consistent revenue mechanism to fund the Highway Trust Fund.

— Randy E. Clark, Clark’s Truck Center, Plattsburgh and Jericho, VT