“For Stefanik, bipartisanship is a choice – and so is crafting solutions to gridlock;
Lawmaker touts proactive record as she heads into fourth year in office”

“The lawmaker sailed through a variety of legislation she helped craft with bipartisan support, including year-round Pell Grants, the pre-clearance agreement between the U.S. and Canada and a raft of measures to aid military spouses.

Stefanik has also proven adept at securing funds through the appropriations process, including for the Lake Champlain Basin Program, as well as a financial lifeline for numerous area hospitals as part of the budget deal signed earlier this month by President Donald Trump, including Adirondack Medical Center and Alice Hyde.”

“The Lugar Center has ranked the second-term lawmaker, who serves as co-chair of the moderate Tuesday Group, one of the most bipartisan members based on her voting record and the bills she has introduced.
‘I’m in the top 10 percent of the House and Senate combined, and that’s something that I’m really proud of,’ Stefanik said. ‘We are focused on working with anybody regardless of their party affiliation if they have good ideas.'”

“The lawmaker has also staked out more prominent territory as an environmental defender, issuing a flurry of letters to federal officials fretting over drilling in the Arctic Circle, the administration’s hesitation to acknowledge climate change as a threat to national security and proposed cutbacks to the Environmental Protection Agency.”

“Stefanik is mindful that she’s crafted a sizable coalition, winning re-election in 2016 by 35 points.”
‘…I think the outcomes of elections speak for themselves. We got a huge number of independents and Democrats to vote, and won this district by the biggest margin out of any Republican in New York state.’
Stefanik said she’ll continue to deliver results for the district, citing infrastructure and the 2018 Farm Bill as leading priorities for the coming year.
‘I’m going to continue to work hard,’ she said. ‘I know people are frustrated by what’s going on in Washington. But these are results for this district. I’m really focused on these local issues, and having a seat at the table when it comes to national issues.'”

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