Thursday, September 8th, 2016

Retired Army Colonel Mike Derrick Ducks Answers on National Defense Bill Supporting Fort Drum

Glens Falls, NY: Elise for Congress Communications Director Lenny Alcivar today issued the following statement regarding Mike Derrick’s refusal to publicly oppose the Obama Administration’s partisan, political Pentagon strategy to threaten a veto of a vital national defense bill, which includes a pay raise for our troops and supports our Fort Drum community:

“Former Republican, turned newly minted Democrat Mike Derrick is running for Congress on his military service, yet he previously admitted he hadn’t bothered to read vital national defense legislation.

“Now, he refuses to tell North Country voters whether or not he supports the Obama Administration’s partisan Pentagon strategy to veto vital defense legislation, which supports our troops serving at Fort Drum, and around the world. What is he hiding?”

“Mike Derrick, you are asking voters to elect you on November 8th because of your previous military service. Last year, you offered a full throated defense of the Obama Administration’s partisan veto of the national defense bill. Tell the voters of the 21st District: do you agree with his latest veto threat? Have you even read it, yet?”


For the second day in a row, Former Republican turned Democrat Mike Derrick refuses state his position on the Obama Administration’s political Pentagon plan to veto the National Defense Authorization Act:
Campaigns Trade Barbs Over Possible Veto –

Mike Derrick supported the Obama Administration’s veto of the 2015 National Defense Authorization Act:
Derrick Defends Presidential Veto

Earlier this year, Mike Derrick admitted reading the current version of this same legislation was not on his “to-do list:” 
Derrick to Post Star: NDAA Bill Read-Through Not on Election “To-do List”