Monday, August 1, 2016


Grassroots Endorsements from Leaders in Every Town in Essex County – Republicans, Democrats and Independents

Glens Falls, NY: Congresswoman Elise Stefanik today announced the endorsement of more than fifty elected officials in Essex County.

The endorsements include elected officials representing every town in Essex County, and from across the political spectrum, including Republicans, Democrats, and an Independent.

“I’m honored to receive the endorsement of so many leaders across Essex County,” said Stefanik. “From my first day in Congress, I’ve worked with these leaders, Republicans, Democrats and Independents, to deliver real results for families and small business owners in every town in the County.”

“I want to thank each and every one of these leaders for their bipartisan support, and for the tremendous support of our growing grassroots network of volunteers and supporters across the North Country who have joined our campaign to make Washington work for you.”

Minerva Town Supervisor Stephen McNally, a Democrat, said, “I along with this strong list of Essex County officials are proud to support Congresswoman Stefanik’s re-election effort.  She has been a tireless advocate not only on behalf of Essex County, but the North Country as a whole, delivering real results for our region.”

A complete list of the fifty-three elected officials endorsing Stefanik is below:

·      Clayton Barber, Town Council Member, Chesterfield

·      Steven Benway, Town Council Member, Willsboro

·      Donald Bott, Town Council Member, Newcomb

·      Matthew Brassard, Deputy Village Mayor, Village of Port Henry

·      Gerald Bruce, Town Clerk, Wilmington

·      Bridget Brown, Town Clerk, Willsboro

·      Ellen Clark, Village Clerk, Lake Placid

·      Dorcey Crammond, Town Council Member, Ticonderoga

·      Richard Cutting, Elizabethtown

·      Barbara Darrah, Town Clerk, St. Armand

·      Stephen Denton Jr, Town Council Member, Lewis

·      Archie Depo, Town Supervisor, Jay

·      Michael Diskin, Treasurer, Essex County

·      Laurie Dudley, Town Clerk, North Elba

·      Jack Favro, Town Council Member, North Elba

·      William Ferebee, Town Supervisor, Keene

·      Roger Friedman, Town Council Member, Schroon

·      Jennifer Fuller, Town Council Member, St. Armand

·      Edward Gardner, Town Supervisor, Essex

·      Patricia Gardner, Town Clerk, Essex

·      Shaun Gillilland, Town Supervisor, Willsboro

·      Joseph, Giordano, Town Supervisor, Ticonderoga

·      Charles Harrington, Town Supervisor, Crown Point

·      Peter Holderied, Village Trustee, Lake Placid

·      Lawrence Hulbert, Town Council Member, Lewis

·      Lynn Jarvis, Town Clerk, Chesterfield

·      Richard Klages, Town Council Member, Chesterfield

·      David LaBar, Town Council Member, Minerva

·      Claire LaPine, Town Council Member, Essex

·      Charles Lustig Jr, Deputy Town Supervisor, Willsboro

·      Michael Marnell, Town Supervisor, Schroon

·      Tom McDonald, Town Council Member, Jay

·      Steve McNally, Town Supervisor, Minerva

·      Noel Merrihew III, Town Supervisor, Elizabethtown

·      Wester Miga, Town Supervisor, Newcomb

·      Dean Montroy, Town Council Member, St. Armand

·      James Monty, Town Supervisor, Lewis

·      Scott Monroe, Village Trustee, Lake Placid

·      Ronald Moore, Town Supervisor, North Hudson

·      Ben Morris, Town Council Member, Elizabethtown

·      Beatrice Pelkey, Town Clerk, Jay

·      Joseph Provoncha, Clerk, Essex County

·      Jay Rand, Town Council Member, North Elba

·      Craig Randall, Village Mayor, Lake Placid

·      Lane Sayward, Town Council Member, Willsboro

·      Thomas Scozzafava, Town Supervisor, Moriah

·      Amy Shalton, Town Council Member, Jay

·      Lorilee Sheehan, Town Council Member, Willsboro

·      John Sheldrake, Town Council Member, Jay

·      Tonya Thompson, Town Clerk, Ticonderoga

·      Mary Towne, Town Clerk, Newcomb

·      Michael Ike Tyler, Town Supervisor, Westport

·      Charles Whitson, Town Supervisor, St. Armand

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