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See below endorsements from Rensselaer County.

Rensselaer County


The full list of 70 Rensselaer County elected officials is below:

Steven McLaughlin, County Executive, Rensselaer County

Patrick Russo, County Sheriff, Rensselaer County

Frank Merola, County Clerk, Rensselaer County

Robert Bayly, District 2, County Legislator

Leon Fiacco, District 2, County Legislator

Thomas Grant, District 2, County Legislator

Kelly Hoffman, District 2, County Legislator

Dan Casale, District 3, County Legislator

Kenneth Herrington, District 3, County Legislator

William Maloney, District 3, County Legislator

Scott Bendett, District 4, County Legislator

Thomas Choquette, District 4, County Legislator

Robert Loveridge, District 4, County Legislator

Jeff Wysocki, District 5, County Legislator

Bruce Patire, District 5, County Legislator

Brian Stall, District 6, County Legislator

Robert Jaeger, Town Supervisor, Berlin

Douglas Feathers, Town Council, Berlin

Phillip Herrington, Supervisor, Brunswick

James Sullivan, Town Council, Brunswick

Mark Balistreri, Town Council, Brunswick

Gordon Christian, Town Council, Brunswick

Ed Nestler, Town Council, East Greenbush

Ingrid Gundrum, Supervisor, Grafton

Frank Lewandusky, Town Council, Grafton

Jodie DeSchaine, Town Council, Grafton

Pierce Hoyt, Town Council, Grafton

Amanda Mason, Tax Collector, Grafton

Jarod Bouchard, Superintendent of Highways, Grafton

Mark Surdam, Supervisor, Hoosick

Eric Sheffer, Town Council, Hoosick

Gerald McAuliffe, Town Council, Hoosick

William Hanselman, Town Council, Hoosick

Holli Cross, Town Clerk, Hoosick

Jonathan Goebel, Town Council, Nassau

Robert Rings, Town Council, Nassau

Joseph Bott, Town Supervisor, North Greenbush

Jessica Merola, Town Council, North Greenbush

James Gordon, Town Council, North Greenbush

Janice Kerwin, Town Clerk, North Greenbush

Katie Murray, Supervisor, Petersburgh

Matthew Curley III, Supervisor, Pittstown

Tanya Lipinski, Town Council, Pittstown

Robert Russell, Town Council, Pittstown

Jason Eddy, Town Council, Pittstown

Erin Maxon, Town Council, Pittstown

Judy Herrington, Tax Collector, Pittstown

Paul Campbell, Superintendent of Highways, Pittstown

Keith Hammond, Supervisor, Poestenkill

Susan Horton, Town Clerk, Poestenkill

David Hass, Town Council, Poestenkill

June Butler, Town Council, Poestenkill

Timothy Salisbury, Supervisor, Schaghticoke

John Rustin, Sr., Town Council, Schaghticoke

William Fogarty, Town Council, Schaghticoke

James Ward, Jr., Town Council, Schaghticoke

Shawn Hayes, Superintendent of Highways,

Terry Jones, Receiver of Taxes,Schaghticoke

Jennifer Molesky, TownClerk,Schaghticoke

Scott Rice, Mayor, Village of Schaghticoke

Richard Geddis, Trustee, Village of Schaghticoke

Cheryl Jackson, Clerk, Village of Schaghticoke

Charles Peter, Town Supervisor, Schodack

Michael Kenney, Town Council, Schodack

Scott Swartz, Town Council, Schodack

Jim Bult, Town Council, Schodack

Debra Curtis, Town Clerk, Schodack

Scott Gallerie Sr., Town Supervisor, Sand Lake

PJ Roder, Town Supervisor, Stephentown

Jay Overocker, Mayor, Valley Falls

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