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See below endorsements from Jefferson County.

Jefferson County


The full list of 50 Jefferson County elected officials who represent the new NY-21 is below:

Bill Johnson, Chairman, Board of Legislators

Patrick Jareo, Vice Chairman, Board of Legislators

Philip Reed, County Legislator, District 3

Daniel McBride, County Legislator, District 6

John Peck, County Legislator, District 7

James Nabywaniec, County Legislator, District 8

Gizzelle Meeks, County Clerk, Jefferson County

Brent Sweet, Town Supervisor, Alexandria

Shawn Thomas, Town Council Member, Alexandria

Ron Thomson, Town Council Member, Alexandria

Gene Kring, Town Council Member, Alexandria

Jessy Hudon, Town Clerk, Alexandria

Edward Tibbles, Superintendent of Highways, Alexandria

Michael Fayette, Town Council Member, Alexandria

Stephen Derrigo, Village Trustee, Alexandria Bay

Brad Millett, Village Trustee, Alexandria Bay

Christopher Strough, Village Trustee, Alexandria Bay

Claire Brownell, Town Council Member, Antwerp

Kenneth Bresett, Town Council Member, Antwerp

Julie Farr, Town Council Member, Antwerp

Riley Filiatrault, Town Council Member, Antwerp

Barbara Mitchell, Town Clerk, Antwerp

Amy Cole, Tax Collector, Antwerp

Scott Canfield, Superintendent of Highways, Antwerp

Daniel Munroe, Village Trustee, Antwerp

Franics Dishaw, Village Mayor, Black River

Kristin Williams, Village Clerk, Black River

Ernest Prievo, Village Trustee, Carthage

Janet Zando, Village Mayor, Deferiet

Joe Cook, Village Trustee, Deferiet

Ronald Taylor, Town Supervisor, LeRay

Michael Gracey, Town Council Member, LeRay

Samuel Biondolillo, Town Council Member, LeRay

John Eisenhauer, Town Council Member, LeRay

Leland Carpenter, Town Council Member, LeRay

Melissa Verne, Town Clerk, LeRay

Daniel Young, Superintendent of Highways, Le Ray

Sandra Carpenter, Town Council Member, Philadelphia

Jeffrey Sands, Town Council Member, Philadelphia

Michael Freeman, Superintendent of Highways, Philadelphia

Christopher Laclair, Village Mayor, Philadelphia

Patrick Gibbens, Village Trustee, Philadelphia

Philip Hughes Jr., Village Trustee, Philadelphia

Steven Marcinkowski, Town Supervisor, Theresa

Timothy Busler, Town Council Member, Theresa

Jamie Papin, Town Council Member, Theresa

Kim Delles, Town Clerk, Theresa

Mark Savage, Superintendent of Highways, Theresa

Shari Gerber, Town Council Member, Wilna

Patrick Britton, Town Council Member, Wilna

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