New York’s 21st District is home to extensive energy resources which have the potential to supply our growing nation, fuel economic development, and support our energy independence.



In Congress, Elise has worked to lower energy costs and strengthen American energy independence. Due to the energy crisis created by Joe Biden and House Democrats’ failed policies, energy costs are often the highest expenses for families and businesses in Upstate New York. Gas for the car, heating bills for home or the office – these costs add up quickly. The federal government often places unnecessary mandates and regulations on energy suppliers and impedes development. However, America is home to vast supplies of energy which, if fully utilized, will fuel our growing nation’s economy into the future.

Elise has been a vocal critic of President Biden’s America Last energy policies that have forced hard working Americans to suffer a domestic energy crisis, including skyrocketing prices at the pump. Elise continues to be a strong critic of President Biden’s dangerous decision to waive sanctions on Russia’s Nord Stream 2 Pipeline that put America’s energy security in peril.

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