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See below endorsements from Hamilton County.

Hamilton County


The full list of 41 Hamilton County elected officials is below:

Karl Abrams, County Sheriff, Hamilton County

Jane Zarecki, County Clerk, Hamilton County

Beth Hunt, County Treasurer, Hamilton County

Timothy Smith, Coroner, Hamilton County

John Anderson, Coroner, Hamilton County

Chris Rhodes, Town Supervisor, Arietta

Douglas Stobo, Town Council Member, Arietta

Phillip Snyder, Town Supervisor, Benson

Ron Blowers, Town Council Member, Benson

Carol Lott, Town Clerk, Benson

Allen Dunham, Superintendent of Highways, Benson

Steven Tomlinson, Town Supervisor, Hope

John Stuart, Town Council Member, Hope

William Witts, Town Council Member, Hope

Brian Wells, Town Supervisor, Indian Lake

Jake Mahoney, Town Council Member, Indian Lake

John Rathbun, Town Council Member, Indian Lake

Herbert Schmid, Town Council Member, Inlet

Tim Brownsell, Town Council Member, Inlet

Daniel Levi, Town Council Member, Inlet

Yvonne “Bonnie” Lutz, Town Clerk, Inlet

Betsy Bain, Town Supervisor, Lake Pleasant

Donald Braunius, Town Council Member, Lake Pleasant

Katherine O’Connell, Town Council Member, Lake Pleasant

Neil McGovern , Town Council Member, Lake Pleasant

Stephanie Smith, Town Clerk/ Tax Collector, Lake Pleasant

Randy Lavarnway, Superintendent of Highways, Lake Pleasant

Thomas Donnelly, Town Council Member, Long Lake

William Farber, Town Supervisor, Morehouse

Brian Taylor, Town Council Member, Morehouse

William Uebele, Town Council Member, Morehouse

Maryann Mosher, Town Council Member, Morehouse

Amanda La Rue, Town Clerk/ Tax Collector, Morehouse

Hugh Farber, Superintendent of Highways, Morehouse

Jeannette Barrett, Village Mayor, Speculator

James “Jim” Rumsey, Trustee, Speculator

Nick Mauro, Town Supervisor, Wells

John Morrison, Town Council Member, Wells

Rebekah Crewell, Town Council Member, Wells

Mary Ellen Stofelano, Town Clerk, Wells

Clay Earley Jr., Superintendent of Highways, Wells

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