Monday, April 24, 2023


Washington, D.C. — Yesterday afternoon, GOP House Conference Chair Elise Stefanik joined Andrew Giuliani on 77 WABC to discuss Biden’s widespread crime crisis, House Republican’s vote to protect women and girls in sports, and President Trump regaining the White House in 2024.
Listen to the full interview here.
Elise Stefanik on Biden’s Crime Crisis:
“We wanted to hear firsthand from everyday Americans about how this crime crisis is impacting them. And I will tell you the witnesses were all victims and families who lost loved ones or have loved ones who were injured horrifically because of this violent crime crisis. Victims were the most impactful advocates and I will tell you Democrats really showed their true colors at this hearing as they smeared, and attacked, and belittled these victims who deserve a voice.”
Elise Stefanik on Protecting Women in Sports:
“It’s important for parents all across this country. It’s important for women to have opportunities to excel in athletics. Women, a generation ago, fought so hard for opportunities that historically did not exist and now the Left is attempting to silence and take those opportunities away from women.”
Elise Stefanik on Trump’s 2024 Presidential Run:
“The government under single party Democrat rule is so fundamentally broken, that President Trump is the only person who can take on that corruption, that depth of the weaponization of the Federal Government against the American people, and is uniquely positioned to do so.”